We offer IT learning that Builds Careers, Creates quality Professionals

R.M Infotech with its standard facility at NOIDA and Delhi, is custom designed with essential infrastructure to accommodate five batches prospectively with twelve students in each batch per day i.e. Sixty students per day subsequently.

The organization enables trainees to use the potential of technology through experienced IT professionals. We have a staff of developers with BE & MCA background and having experience in development of minimum two years.

The Lab Room is equipped with heavily configured computers connected through network and loaded with all latest softwares like J2EE, .NET, SQL Server, Oracle Server.

We use IT learning to change lives.

Training Program - J2EE Click for Free Core Java Tutorial

  1. JDBC 2.0 + Oracle 10g ( Statement, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, Transaction, Cursor, Scrollable ResultSet, Native Driver)
  2. Java Servlets 2.0 ( Life Cycle,Architecture, Session Tracking, Servlet Chaining, Http Tunneling, Filtering)
  3. JSP 1.2 ( Advantage over Servlets, Life Cycle, Architecture, Tags, Directives, Implicit Object, Java Bean, Tag Lib)
  4. Struts Framework 1.x & 2.0 (ActionServlet, Life Cycle,Architecture , Custom Tags, Action, ActionForm, Validation, Bean Tag Library)
  5. AJAX (AJAX with Active X Controll and AJAX with Struts)
  6. Hibernate 3.0.
  7. RMI-JNDI ( Object Serialization, Socket Programming, Naming Service, JNDI, Marshelling/ Unmarshelling)
  8. EJB 3.0 ( Architecture, Life Cycle, Session Bean, Entity Bean, Message Driven Bean, Bean to Bean, Connection Pool)
  8. XML ( Parsing, XML Descriptor,Deployment Descriptor, Web Services, Creating WAR Files )
  9. Spring Framework
  10. MCA Level Project Work ( ERP Application, Web Application)

Servers   :- Java Web Server 2.0,  TomCat 5.5,  Weblogic8.1.

Training Program - . NET Framework

  1. c# Language
  2. c# . Net
  3. Window Application using V.B .Net
  4. Web Application using ASP .Net
  5. Connectivity through ADO .Net
  6. MCA Level Project Work ( ERP Application, Web Application)

Software Testing- Manual & Automation

We offer software testing training in the following areas:

  1. Black Box Testing (QTP 9)
  2. WhiteBox Testing
  3. Grey Box Testing
  4. Security Testing
  5. Performance Testing (Load Runner)
Note :
After Successful completion of Training Candidate will be provided with Project Report and Training Certificate.

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