QA & Testing

The Quality Policy is deployed by way of a well-written and practical Quality Management System (QMS). Training on QMS is mandatory for all role holders in R.M Infotech (P) Ltd.
We perform quality assurance and testing (including both unit and integration testing) as part of our application development and implementation services. We also offer quality assurance and testing services to our customers for their own products.   

RM Infotech provides the following end-to-end services in the QA/Testing domain:

1. Application and Web-based testing
2. Component/ Structural testing and API testing
3. System testing
4. Regression testing
5. Security testing
6. Developing test strategies, test plans, and test cases
7. Manual or automated test execution
8. Automation test development using suitable tools that best fit your needs
9. Stress, load, performance, and usability testing
10. Maintaining test metrics, test harness, etc
11. Localization and Internationalization testing

Institutionalized Frameworks exist for key quality initiatives:-

1. Measurement centric approach to project management
2. Technology and Process Improvement
3. Defect Prevention
4. Competency building and deployment
5. Quality Training
6. Best Practices identification and deployment
7. New Quality Models
8. Lightweight processes

R.M Infotech's Process Performance model includes setting targets and measuring against the organizational targets. Over a period of time, R.M Infotech has developed it's prediction/forecasting model for efforts and defects. Projects attempt to uncover the targeted number of defects before committing a delivery to the client. Our historical data demonstrates an estimation accuracy of 85 percent and schedule slippage under 5 percent and Acceptance testing defects at 0.03 weighted defects per function point. Clients therefore, have a low risk of outsourcing software development to R.M Infotech (P) Ltd.

The domains in which RM Infotech has expertise are:

-- Banking & Financial Services,
-- Datacom & Telecom,
-- Pharmaceuticals,
-- eLearning,
-- Travel & Hotel

R.M Infotech (P) Ltd started a formal quality journey with a certification for ISO-9001:2000 in 2005. We at R.M Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is committed to follow all international QM Standards of ISO Certification for end user satisfaction.

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