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Software Automation Testing - Selenium

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Selenium Course Content

Selenium is an Open Source Framework which is Java Based API to Automate Browser Software Testing process. In Selenium we cover Selenium IDE,RC, WebDriver and Grid along with Testing Frameworks JUnit and TestNG and Core Java Language. This is a Job Oriented course designed for people looking for Job in Software Automation Testing.

Duration of this course is 12 weeks Weekend Saturday and Sunday 2 hours per day, Trainer is real time working professional having Good Expert Knowledge of Selenium Testing.Training Cost is 9,000/- payable in Two installments (4,500/- X 2), Initial Two Classes are Free of Cost

Introduction To Automation
1. What is automation
2. Advantages of automation
3. Disadvantages of automation
4. Different types of Automation Tools
5. What to automate in projects
6. When to start automation
7. Scope for automation testing in projects
Introduction to selenium
1. What is selenium
2. History of selenium
3. Advantage of selenium
4. Disadvantages of selenium
5. Difference between selenium and QTP
Selenium components
1. Selenium IDE
2. Selenium RC
3. Selenium Web Driven
4. Selenium Grid
Java Concepts
1. Introduction to Java
2. History of Java
3. OOPs Concepts in java program
4. Variable, Data types in java
5. static, final, abstract in java
6. Array in java
7. Inheritance, Overloading & Overriding
8. Interface, Package in java
9. Collection
10. Exception Handeling
Selenium IDE
1. Introduction to IDE
2. IDE Installation
3. Firebug , Fire path
4. Selenium commands
5. Disadvantages of selenium IDE
6. How to convert selenium IDE Scripts into other languages
Selenium RC
1. What is selenium RC
2. Advantages of RC
3. What is Eclipse
4. Selenium RC configure with Eclipse
5. Selenium RC-Business Operations Commands-with examples.
6. Selenium RC-Validation commands –with examples.
Web Driver
1. Introduction to Web Driver
2. Advantages
3. Different between RC and Web Driver
4. Browser commands
5. Selenium WD-validate commands
8. Working with Excel
7. Pass the data from Excel
8. Export reports into Excel
9. Log4j and Java Mail Api with Web Driver
1. JUnit Annotations
2. Running JUnit Application with ANT Commands
TestNG – Maven
1. What is TestNG
2. Integrate Maven and Run Selenium WD from TestNG
3. Reporting Results and Analysis
4. Run Scripts from multiple programs
Frame work
1. Introduction to Frame Work
2. Use of Frame Work, why Framework
3. Types of Framework
4. Designing Data Driven Model
5. Designing Page Object Model
1. Writting Network Test cases using Selenium Grid.
Mobile Testing
1. Mobile App Testing using Selandroids & Appium
Additional Concepts
1. Latest FAQ’s & Agends
2. Resume preparation
3. Mock interviews
4. Job Assistence


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