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Java / J2EE /Frameworks Training

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Call : 09810926239 or Mail : paragguide@yahoo.co.in

Visit : 332-A,Gali no-6,West Guru Angad Nagar,Laxmi Nagar,Delhi.
( Near Nirman Vihar Metro Stn. )
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Java/J2EE Course Content

Core Java is fundamental base to programming language. This course is designed according to Java Certification Syllabus. Duration of this course is 30 working days :-

1. Introduction to Java
2. Language Fundamentals
3. Object Oriented Programming
4. OOPs concepts and their implementation in Java
5. Packages and Interfaces
6. Exception Handling
7. String Handling
8. Windows programming using AWT & Swing
9. Internet Programming using Applets
10. Multi Threading
11. Stream based I/O in Java
12. Networking
13. Reflection

Advance Java and Framework

Advance Java is J2EE Api for distributed Application using MVC Model. This is a Job Oriented Project based Course designed for MCA / B. Tech (C.S.) Candidates already familar with Core Java. Duration of this course is 60 working days :-

1. JDBC 2.0 + Oracle 10g ( Statement, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, Transaction, Cursor, Scrollable ResultSet, Native Driver)
2. Java Servlets 2.0 ( Life Cycle,Architecture, Session Tracking, Servlet Chaining, Http Tunneling, Filtering)
3. JSP 1.2 ( Advantage over Servlets, Life Cycle, Architecture, Tags, Directives, Implicit Object, Java Bean, Tag Lib)
4. Struts Framework 2.0 (MVC and Struts 2 Architecture, Actions, Results & Interceptors, Presentation Tags, Interceptors, Tiles, Annotations)
5. AJAX (AJAX with Active X Controll and AJAX with Struts)
6. Hibernate 3.0 (Hibernate Architecture, Session and SessionFactory, Inheritance Mapping, Association Mapping, Hibernate Query Language, Integrating Struts & Hibernate)
7. RMI-JNDI ( Object Serialization, Socket Programming, Naming Service, JNDI, Marshelling/ Unmarshelling)
8. EJB 3.0 ( Architecture, Life Cycle, Session Bean, Entity Bean, Message Driven Bean, Bean to Bean, Connection Pool)
8. XML ( Parsing, XML Descriptor,Deployment Descriptor, Web Services, Creating WAR Files )
9. MCA Level Project Work ( ERP Application, Web Application)

Server : Weblogic 9.0 , Tomcat 6.0.
IDE : Net Beans, Eclips.
RDBMS : Oracle 10g / SQL Server.

We Also Provide Androids Application Development Training on Live Projects.

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