On Line Auction (Bidding)

Synopsis - Overview.

Introduction of the system

Brief Description :
This is an E- Commerse Web site acting as a middle men connecting Vendor and Bidder. Vendor is a person who is owner of Product and want to Auction his Product, where as bidder is a person who makes a bid to buy / own a product.Both Vendor and Bidder has to register themselves , A person can be both vendor and bidder but he has to register him self seperate for Vendor and Bidder. Two different User Id will be generated. Vendor has to pay a minimum amount of INR Rs. 1500/- which will remain valid for one year. After registration a vendor can register any number of products on this web site. Bidding will go on for 15 days after which highest bidder will be selected and Product bidding will stop , Product will be automatically deleted from our site. Similarly Bidder can log on to site and search for a product and can do bidding , Check his bidding status and can make on line payments.

There is a difference between Auction and Shopping, In shoping there are multiple sellers Competing among themselves and there is a bargain value where as in case of Auction there is a Unique Single product like M.F. Hussain Painting or Mahatma Gandhi Glasss and Multiple buyers which make highest bid to Own that Product.

Features of the site:
(i) It has the features of providing all the information online (through the net). About the product for auction.
(ii) Easier Transaction with transparency.
(iii) The site includes the Chat Messenger which provides the users to interact with each other online.
(iv) The site includes the search engine and advance search engine which gives the user easy way to find the product which he/she can bid.
(v) The site also includes the electronic mail facility for the users who have registered themselves.
(vi) The site has the registration fee Rs. 1500 which prevents the unregistered user to bid a product.
(vii) The site has the facility to inform the vendor and bidder about the final bid.

Scope of Study
It should contain all the information of Vendor who is registering his product and Bidder who is making a bid.
It should contain all the information of Product like Product id, Category, Minimum Bid Price, Incement Bid Price, Start Bid Date etc.
It should process and evaluate bid made by bidders.
It should contain information related to Product expiry or re registration.
It should inform both bidder and vendor when the highest bid is accepted.
It should do Transaction on Net and maintain proper financial records.
It should have Administrator for scheduling administrative work of site.

Module 1: Registration module, which is further sub-divided into :-
1) Vendor and Bidder Registration.
2) Vendor and Bidder Change Password.
3) Vendor and Bidder Forget Password.
4) Login for both Vendor and Bidder.

Module 2: Product Administration section, which is further sub-divided into : -
1) Product Registration.
2) Product Updation.
3) Product Status(Number of Bids etc).

Module 3: Maintaining Bidding section, which is further sub-divided into three sub-sections: -
1) Make a bid.
2) Update bid.
3) Bid Status.

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