Office Automation

Synopsis - Overview.

Introduction of the system

In todayís competitive environment, where everybody wants to be on the top, Information plays very crucial role.As fast as information is accessed and processed, it can give good results.Office Automation is a General purpose Software designed to automate day to day activity of a Manufacturing Organisation or any other Organisation (This Software can be custom designed according to the need of any Organisation).

This project is developed to facilitate the general administration system to manage the various information of different departments ; coordinating between different departments so, that Managerial Staff can access accurate information quickly and easily as and when required, thereby improving its operational efficiency & effectiveness. The managerial Staff can easily find out the current status of the Orders, Work in Progress, Inventory Status, Receipts, Sales, purchase and Export. One can easily generate the several reports to analyze the current status of the every department

Output Forms Generated :

1. Main Form(MDI Window).
2. Login form.
3. Financial Year Form.
4. Company Detail Form.
5. Party Detail Form.
6. User Detail Form.
7. PayRoll.
     a. Employee Detail From.
     b. Department Detail Form.
     c. Grade Detail Form.
     d. Loan Detail Form.
     e. Attendance Form.
5. Inventory
     a. Item Master Form.
     b. Indent Detail Form.
     c. Quotation Entry Form.
     d. Quotation Selection Form.
     e. Purchase Order Form.
     f. Goods Receipt Note Form.
     g. Gate Pass Form.
8. W.I.P.
     a. Good Issue Form.
     b. Production Form.
9. Sales/Export.
     a. Production Order Form.
     b. Invoice/Challan Form.

The whole system is divided into Different module:-

2. W.I.P
1. INVENTORY :- For the stock-keeping the company distributes classified Indents for its suppliers. Supplier will sends the quotation for the items. Company will select the competitive rated quotation and raise purchase order for the items. At the time of goods receipt, the company will generate the GRN and then issue will be made against issue request from the department. The item table is update for item automatically at the time of item issue and GRN. There is also a option for Gate-Pass. Company can issue two types of G.P (temporary & permanent).
2. W.I.P (Work in Progress) :- Keeps information of Manufacturing process work.To make finished product , Raw Material passes through different Manufacturing Processes this software keeps track of these processes.Manufacturing Process take item from Raw Materials and Get the final (Finished Goods) . This Software can be able to calculate wastage , By-Products and Quality also.
3. SALES:- Sales can be start with P.O.G (Production Order Got). Then against that P.O.G company will generate Challan , Invoice & Gate-pass.Client List will be maintained against order and Recipts will be issued. Transport Management can be added
4. Exports :- Itís similar to the sales but it will generate invoice first.

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