Marketing Planning System

Synopsis - Overview.

Introduction of the system

This software is designed to automate the Marketing Operations/Marketing Analysis of an Manufacturing , Marketing Organization .This software efficiently manages entire marketing Information for organizations.

This application is designed for automation of entire Marketing process as well as Market Analysis. It will be accessible to various hierarchical levels and they are able to do the desired work ,no matter wherever they are located. The Marketing Team Members are most of the time in Air and hence inaccessible. There is a lot of gap between a information being sent to a Team member and the respective team member actually being able to get it and act accordingly.The application can be accessed from any location which will ultimately lead to higher level of productivity which will be ultimately decisive in the Growth of an Organisation.

The application is designed keeping in mind different levels of operations, of an marketing chain in an organisation. The kind of operational differences, work responsibility varies from level to level:-

At Level I ---- Supposedly, Marketing Manager will be deciding on Pricing of Products and also allocate Sales Targets to various Regions on Specific Product categories.

At Level II --- Regional Managers are able to fetch these allocated targets for a specific product and time period. They further allocate these targets to Field Engineers. The specific data about Pricing i.e. Sales Tax in different states is input by concerned Regional Managers and hence the final price of all products is being decided.

At Level III --- Field Engineers fetch the prices of products and billing to Dealer Partners is done accordingly. The allocated target to a field Engineer is further allocated to concerned Dealers in various Cities. As Field Engineers are having most information about ever changing market scenario, the feedback is being taken on performance of various Competitors.

Apart from that Dealer Partners are able to just fill in the Order Forms, based on which an CVC(Consignment Value Collection) is being generated which has all he details required to deliver the consignment. It also specifically mentions the Balance Payment to be collected. It is then further handed over to the concerned Courier Service Providers, who will finally deliver the consignment to the respective Dealer and Collect any balance payment.

The software is designed based on usual working of an Organisation. It is flexible in a sense that it can be modified keeping in mind functional operations for a specific Organisation.


- Allocating Targets to lower hierarchical level Team Members.

- Fetching Targets allocated by Higher hierarchical level Team Members.

- Allocating Pricing of Products.

- Fetching Product Pricing and further billing Products to Dealers.

- Graphical Analysis of companies performance at various levels on basis of a Region, Product.

- Graphical Analysis of companies performance, compared to performance of competitors on basis of a Product, Inter-Region or Intra-region.

- It also tracks down region wise contribution achieved .

- Maintaining feedback about dynamic Market Scenario and various POLICY DECISIONS taken by different Departments in the Organisation.

- This application manages all the data giving at most priority to DATA SECURITY at each Hierarchical Level.

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