Money Exchange and Transfer

Synopsis - Overview.

Introduction of the system

This site is acting as a middle men connecting Transferor and Nominee. Transferor has to register itself by opening an account with the Web Site by paying a minimum amount of $ 500/- which will remain valid for one year. After registration Transferor has to register its Nominee to whom he wants to transfer his money. Transferor can exchange money in Nominee’s currency and can transfer converted money to the Nominee.

On Line Money Exchange System is developed to facilitate the various information of the current currency rate , exchange process and the processes involved in a Transfer, Today Internet is the fast way of transferring Money and Information over wide area quickly and fast, hence I have used internet as a way for exchanging information.

Objective of the site:-
(i) The objective of the Exchange site is to facilitate easy transfer of money between two parties and convert currency while transfer.
(ii) Easier Transaction with transparency.
(iii) The site includes the Chat Messenger which provides the users to interact with each other online.
(iv) The site includes the search engine and advance search engine which gives the user easy way to find the Agent , Bank and Currency to which he/she can convert to.
(v) The site also includes the electronic mail facility for the users who have registered themselves.
(vi) The site has the registration fee $ 500 which prevents the unregistered user to use transfer facility.
(vii) The site acts as a middle-ware for the Transferor and the Nominee and keeps record of Transferor, Nominee, Agent, Bank and Transactions.
(viii) The site has the facility to inform the Transferor and Nominee about the final Transaction.
(ix) It should contain all the information of countries like Agents, Bank Branches, currency, exchange rate etc.
(x) It should contain information related to Statement of Accounts.

Site Working :-

1. Person can register as a Transferor and has to register his Nominee and country where he wants to make payments.
2. This is a Paid Site where person has to pay registration amount . Registration will remain valid for one year. Registration amount will be paid by opening an account with the Web Site.
3. After registration he can login as Transferor.
4. If person wants to exchange his currency with another currency he can check current currency rate.
5. At the time of Transfer, Transferor has to specify Nominee and country and date when and where he wants to make payments and other information of Exchange and Transfer.
6. Transferor can update Nominee, Country or Exchange.
7. Transferor can check account statement and status of Transfer.
8. At the Time of Money Transfer Transferor has to pay 2% of the total money exchange as exchange charges.

Module 1: Registration module , which is further sub-divided into :-
1) Transferor Registration.
2) Login.
3) Agent Login.

Module 2: User Administration section , which is further sub-divided into : -
1) Create Account
2) Update Account

Module 3: Maintaining Transfer and Exchange section , which is further sub-divided into four sub-sections: -
1) Deposite of amount.
2) Check the balance.
3) Make Transfer.
4) Request for statement.

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