Human Resource Management System

Synopsis - Overview.

Introduction of the system

As today employees are the most important assets of an organization, so it’s very important to manage its employees and the Human Resource Department does it. Our HRM will provide the organization’s Human resource department to take care of the information of the employees efficiently with least cost. HRM also provides Payroll System and Attendance Recording System (ARS). Payroll System provides the information of the employee’s salary structure and tax deduction scheme.

HRMS Automation comprises with the following modules: -

1) Manpower Planning System.
2) Planning, Training & Recruitment System.
3) Employee Information System.
1) Manpower Planning System (MPS): -
Human Resource Department of the organization controls the manpower planning by recording manpower requirements, grade, job specifications and presently vacancies and strength. It maintains the candidate’s databank for the respective post. It maintains the details of advertisement placed for different media for required person. Its resume manager keeps details of the candidate’s qualification and for the post he/she has applied against the vacancy. It arranges the interview panel and its exam manager provides the online test.

2) Planning, Training & Recruitment System: -
Planning:- We can enter need and duration of training required for an employee.
• Training name.
• Objective of the training.
• Duration of training.
• Required employees.
• Employee’s details.
• Criteria for training.
• Employee assigned for training/In charge.
• In charge details.
• Trainee data bank.

Execution of training: - In this option details of training undertaken by employee and their performance is entered.
• Training name.
• Training status.
• Performance of the employee.
• Result of the training.
• Employee’s details against the performance.

Recruitment Process : - Recruitment of the employee is not very easy job choosing suitable candidate from the lot of candidate. This selection process is not single step process but consists of multiple processes, which involves different methods of recruitment, maintenance of lot of records.
This Recruitment process can be divided in the two groups
Internal Recruitment
External Recruitment

3) Employee Information System (EIS):-
Company has Many employees which have unique id, designation and work profile. It is very important for a company to have a complete record of their employee. This record contains information of the employee like their department, educational qualification, their personal information etc. All this information should be stored in such a way so that any information of any employee can be retrieved easily.

Employee Information System mainly concern with:
• Department
• Shift
• Employee
• Designation
• Bonus
• Personal Information
• Family Member
• Educational Qualification
• Attendance

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