Hospital Managemet System

Synopsis - Overview.

Introduction of the system

The presented project here is made in view overcoming the problems faced by the Hosptal and Pathelogy Lab regarding Maintainance, Recordkeeping of Patient information, Doctor Information , Financial transactions, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Hospital Inventory etc.

This project can be widely used in any Hospital and Lab which contain different departments with various employees having different designations, salary profiles etc. Beside these it is very useful for the organizations having number of branches with a Head Branch connected by a LAN system through its other branches.These networks need a special kind of security feature.

The proposed system is the panacea of below mentioned Objectives by using this system a Hospital can handle all kinds of works efficiently, accurately and swiftly with all kinds of security features by involving a few employees.

It should manage the various information of the Patients, Doctors, Lab Tests, Billing and the other processes involved in a Hospital So, that organization can access accurate information quickly and easily as and when required, thereby improving its operational efficiency & effectiveness.
It should contain all the information of O.T. and Room booking.
It should process and evaluate Lab Tests.
It should contain information of patients admit and discharge.
It should contain information of Doctors Panel.
It should contain information of Inventory, Store & Pharmacy.

The solution consisted of developing the following business modules:

Admission module manages and administer Patient related information from the stage of Dygnosis, Patient History to Room Allocation, Doctor Allocation and In Patient Billing (Advance / Mediclaim).

Nurse Station module manages the day to day information of Patient like Doctor Visit chart, Prescibed Medicine Chart, Bed Number, Room Number, Temprature / B.P. / Lab Tests Chart etc.

Discharge Management module manages the Patient Discharge Slip signed by Head of Nurse Station and Counter Signed by Supervising Doctor. This module manages the Out Patient Billing adjusting the advance / mediclaim amount paid by Insurance Company.

Doctor Management module manages the information of Doctor Panel, there Specialization, Visit Timings, Emergency Contact Numbers, Address and collections and payments from/to doctors.

Store and Pharmacy Module Stock Keeping manages the Hospital inventory details - Order List, Requisition List, Supplier List, Gate pass, Goods Assigned List, Inventory Billing etc. Pharmacy Keeps record of Medicine and other Medical items - Stock, Supplier, Rejections, Expiry Date, Quality Controll etc.

Laboratory is used to manage and administer information related to various Lab Tests like Bio-Chemistry, Stool Test, Haematology, Serology, Ultra Sound and X- Ray.

Operation Theatre module records the booking of O.T. for In-Patient Admited or O.T. avaiability for the accident and other critical Emergency Patients.

Complaints & commendations module is used to manage and administer Complaints & commendations related information for Staff / Facilities / Doctors.

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