Fleet Managemet System

Synopsis - Overview.

Introduction of the system

The Fleet Management System (FMS) is a collection of processes, tools and interfaces to perform the Administration and Management of information regarding Drivers,vehicle, rentals, vehicle performance and management, accident claims, etc.

The Business Need
Optimal use of fleet and staff/drivers
Reduced operational overheads
Speedy and on-time reporting to customer
Control spoilage of resources
Prevent unexpected down-time
Payment management
Integration with systems for financials.

The solution consisted of developing the following business modules:
Driver Administration
Rental Management
Security Deposit Management
Collection/Payment facilities
Welfare and benefits
Fleet administration
Interface to bank transaction system
Customer Feedback Management
Accident Administration

Driver Administration module manages and administer driver related information from the stage of selection of driver to termination.

Rental Management module manages the rent collection for the vehicles from hirers.

Security Deposit Management module manages the security deposit amount paid by drivers.

Collection/Payment facilities module manages the collections and payments from/to drivers.

Welfare and benefits module manages the details of driver benefits by incentive and donation schemes.

Fleet administration module is used to manage and administer information related to vehicle fleet including vehicle replacement/projection, Renewal of road tax/Radio license and control functions. This module generates the taxi performance indicator reports, based on the taxi meter readings and other vehicle related information

Training module used to manage and administer training related information.

Complaints & commendations module is used to manage and administer Complaints & commendations related information for drivers.

Accident Administration module records the details of the accident and manages the accident claims from and to the third party.

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